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iPhone 4th Gen to have 5-megapixel camera

Here’s an interesting rumor that Digitimes is running. It seems that the company who won the image sensor orders for the iPhone 3GS, OmniVision Technologies, is seeing to increase it’s 2010 production of it’s 5-megapixel CMOS image sensor (CIS) to 40-45 million units.

So far, the iPhone has seen 3 generations (new model anually). If the pattern keeps up, a fourth generation is bound to be released by the middle of 2010. With the current competition from Android, Maemo and other mobile platforms having better hardware specifications. Apple would be at a disadvantage if it doesn’t consider improving the specifications of the next generation of iPhone.

With Apple having the upper hand, a 5-megapixel upgrade on the iPhone’s camera will add some more icing on the cake. And if OmniVision gets the order this year, they would surely get a taste of that cake.

On another note, I would also like to see the iPhone as having true multi-tasking as a new feature for the iPhone platform this year. And maybe, just maybe, open up it’s platform a little bit more and include Adobe Flash support for it’s Safari web browser — just a wish you know ;-)

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