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Nexus One Android based phone by Google launched

Today the speculation stops. Google has finally unveiled its own Android based mobile phone called Nexus One. The mobile phone looks pretty sleek and the specs are awesome. Display is OLED at 800×480, 1Ghz CPU, HSPA, bluetooth+EDR … These specs are fast becoming the standard these days.

With the Nexus One launch, Google is bringing Google Earth on the mobile phone — this just shows how much 3D power the 1Ghz Snapdragon has. The Android 2.1 Eclair update available on the Nexus One will also bring Google’s turn-by-turn Navigation plus other voice features like being able to say your tweets. One sorely missed feature though is multi-touch capabilities like pinch and zoom — which has been available on the Motorola Milestone’s launch in Europe.

Some see a Google phone as putting the other Android players at a disadvantage. I believe otherwise. I think that Google is simply accelerating the Android mobile field to raise the bar seeing that the Apple iPhone is on nitro and seems unstoppable. Think of the Android players as a flock of long distance flying birds in triangular formation — birds taking turns to take the front so that others can take a breather. This is going the distance and what is definitely needed if Android wants to overtake the iPhone in the near future.

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