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Upcoming Nokia N900 gets reviewed big time

I have been looking into getting a mobile phone that is at least 800 pixel in landscape mode. The upcoming Nokia N900 (codenamed RX91 internally by Nokia) is one of those connected phone. The Nokia N900 uses Maemo, a Linux based open mobile platform. Another smartphone that is also cool that has been revealed recently is the Android based Sony Ericsson Xperial X3. Both of these devices are Linux-based by the way. :-)


Some of the specs of the Nokia N900 include a ARM Cortex-A8 CPU, 32GB of internal memory onboard, up to 32GB microSD storage, 800 x 480 pixel display, resistive touch screen, bluetooth, WiFi, 3.5G, GPS, slide out physical keyboard, 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera, 1320 mAh battery.

Here are some photos of the Nokia N900 for your enjoyment:


On the software side, as I’ve said, it uses the Nokia initiated open mobile platform call Maemo. Which opens up a whole bunch of Linux based software applications and games that you can use on your mobile phone. The new Maemo 5 version that will be running on the N900 is totally different in terms of look and feel from the current version that is being used in current generations of the Nokia Nxxx series tablet.

The Maemo developers has done a great job of putting in the extra usability features on Maemo 5 that will benefit the user as Maemo gets into the mobile phone mainstream when the Nokia N900 gets released. The N900 is actually the first of the Nxxx tablet series that will get a built-in cellular radio. Current Nokia Nxxx tablets only get wifi at most.

Here’s some cool screen shots of the upcoming Maemo 5 that will be used in the Nokia N900:


Before I get all pretty high with the Nokia N900, I want to thank Eldar of Mobile Review for providing the information. Can’t wait to see more. You can check out his original Mobile Review post here. You’ll also find his analysis of the current direction that the mobile industry will be experiencing very informative.

The year 2010 will become even more exciting for connected phones as more and more smartphones gets into the market! I love it!



i want some application and games for my nokia n900 … from where i can download and install ??

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