Sprint: HTC EVO 3D and HTC EVO View 4G on June 24

Sprint has announced two new mobile devices from HTC coming on June 24. The new devices are the HTC EVO 3D mobile phone and the HTC EVO View 4G tablet. Both devices are powered by Android version 2.3 aka Gingerbread. Both HTC EVO mobile devices are capable of 4G data transfer speeds. The HTC EVO View 4G has WiMAX connectivity.

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HTC Evo 4G from Sprint to get Android Gingerbread

Here’s some good news for HTC EVO™ 4G from Sprint customers. Sprint has announced that this coming Monday, June 6, they will receive the Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread, update through an over-the-air maintenance release. The update will be in batches so wait for your notification from Sprint. The notification will let users know the update is available and provide the simple two-step, over-the-air download instructions.

Can’t wait to get Android 2.3, there will be an easy user initiated option to download the upgrade starting on Friday, June 3. Just read this announcement.

Andoid development in the Philippines spearheaded by Smart

android-developerSmart Telecommunications, a wireless mobile network provider in the Philippines, is spearheading the country’s effort to push Android development. Together with HTC, Smart has just opened up the registration for the SMART Mobile Developer Conference that will be held on September 11, 2009 at Science Discovery Park in Mall of Asia from 9am to 5pm.

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Android mobile phone updating woes

android robotIt looks like a couple of Android updating issues have cropped up recently. One of them is regarding users of the T-Mobile G1 mobile phone. I4U has posted an article saying that T-Mobile G1 users may not be able to get updates beyond the current Android version 1.5 due to phone memory limitations according to an Android developer. Continue reading Android mobile phone updating woes

Change your iPhone UI to HTC Hero Sense UI

Nice thing about mobile phones today is that when you want it to look according to yor taste, you can almost always customize its mobile phone skin. Here’s a nice twist, Taimur Asad of Redmond Pie decided to post a step by step guide to create the upcoming HTC Hero “Sense UI” look and feel and install it on the iPhone. The original HTC Hero Sense UI theme is actually created by Justflikwalk of deviantArt. The steps should be easy enough to do once you get your iPhone jailbreaked of course. 😉


Very cool Android User Interfaces coming soon

sony-ericsson-android-ui-05-homescreen-splashOne great thing about open source is that creativity of people are unhindered. A lot of upcoming Android based mobile phones will be available in the market pretty soon. Some of these well connected phones will sport a user interface that has been enhanced to provide a better user experience. Of the several planned UI enhancements I’ve seen on the web so far, one of them is really sleek and stands out. Continue reading Very cool Android User Interfaces coming soon

Android based HTC Lancaster coming soon in the US

Well, well, AT&T is joining the Android bandwagon after all with the HTC Lancaster. I’ve read from Engadget that AT&T’s very own Android based mobile phone is in the works. The HTC Lancaster will have a physical keyboard, , triband EDGE and 850 / 1900MHz HSPA, AGPS, a 3 megapixel fixed-focus camera, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD expansion, and a “unique HTC social messaging user interface”

It’s lined up for a full six months of AT&T exclusivity and — according to materials gotten by Engadget target availability date is August 3. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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Android based HTC Magic comes to Asia

I’ve read an article about the HTC Magic due to arrive in Asia over at Cnet. It looks like the HTC Magic which runs on the open mobile platform called Android will be available in Singapore this coming June at around 700+ USD without a contract.

What’s exciting about the Asian version of the HTC Magic is that it won’t be exclusive to any of the Asian telcos in the region. And, get this, it’s going to have support for Microsoft Exchange. In fact Damian Koh over at Cnet Asia was able to sync it with Microsoft Outlook without any hassle.

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