Apple store in the US selling unlocked iPhone 4

The Apple Store in the US has started selling unlocked versions of its iPhone 4 on their web site. Both black and white versions of the iPhone 4 is currently available. The iPhone 4 is available in either 16-GB and 32-GB models. The unlocked 16-GB iPhone 4 is currently selling at US$649 while the 32-GB version is available for US$749. The unlocked iPhone 4 can only be delivered to a US address if you order it from the US Apple Store. You can check out the details here.

Apple’s quarter earnings out, sells 8.4 million iPhones

Apple continues to hit record numbers. Apple has just announced its financial earnings for its fiscal 2010 third quarter that ended June 26, 2010. In this quarter, Apple has posted a record revenue of $15.7 billion with a net quarterly profit of $3.25 billion. International sales for the company has accounted for 52 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

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iPhone HD unveiling in 2010 WWDC

Today is the start of the 5-day Apple 2010 Worldwide Developer Conference in Moscone West San Francisco. This year there are several announcements from Steve Jobs that most people in the tech world have been waiting for. I am particularly interested because I believe that the news coming out of the conference will have a very important impact in the mobile industry.

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Sync Nokia Phones with iTunes music and iPhoto on Mac OS X

After having been able to sync my Contacts with my Mac notebook using iSync, I was surprised that I could actually also sync the music on my Symbian based Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic mobile phone with my iTunes music library in Mac OSX. Being a long time Linux user, I had always find it easy to sync my phone’s music files with Ubuntu’s Rhythmbox. It’s was just a matter of being able to mount my Nokia mobile phone as a USB storage device in Ubuntu.

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iPhone 4th Gen to have 5-megapixel camera

Here’s an interesting rumor that Digitimes is running. It seems that the company who won the image sensor orders for the iPhone 3GS, OmniVision Technologies, is seeing to increase it’s 2010 production of it’s 5-megapixel CMOS image sensor (CIS) to 40-45 million units.

So far, the iPhone has seen 3 generations (new model anually). If the pattern keeps up, a fourth generation is bound to be released by the middle of 2010. With the current competition from Android, Maemo and other mobile platforms having better hardware specifications. Apple would be at a disadvantage if it doesn’t consider improving the specifications of the next generation of iPhone.

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Why the iPhone will remain on top

The emerging smartphone technology has really been ramping up. This 2010, the race to the top for world domination will be fiercier than ever. The competition is much like racing cars. I can also remember the time when Microsoft stepped up the competition on Palm with it’s PocketPC platform for the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) market back then.

First of all, I want to make it clear why I consider the iPhone on top. I have always believe that when people start comparing smartphones (or connected phones as I call it here), most of them compare apples with oranges. They forget that the iPhone has only been around for about 3 years while competition has been at it for a while. Also, the iPhone for all purposes is a single model/brand mobile phone while it’s competitors offer several models that are sometimes inappropriately consolidated into one for comparison purposes which I consider lame.

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