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Nokia N900: Something better than the N97?

Several years back, Nokia started a line of mobile tablets that runs Linux Maemo that sports keyboards and bigger screens. Today, I’ve just read from MobileCrunch that the successor to the N810 is already in the works. So what’s exciting about this?

Well Nokia is on its way into crossroads of blurring the line between its tablets and mobile phones because the N900 will not only have wifi but this time a GSM radio and HSPA. More about the specs later but what’s pretty cool is if the Nokia OVI store will gain huge acceptance the way the Apple Appstore has and everyone gets their favorite app on the N900 and all the other Nokia phones out there.

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oFono – yet another open mobile platform

Apparently Intel and Nokia thinks that the world needs yet another open mobile platform besides Android, Limo, OpenMoko, Maemo and whatever else is out there.

Intel and Nokia have announced the oFono project which is an open source project for developing an open source telephony solution. is a place to bring developers together around designing an infrastructure for building mobile telephony (GSM/UMTS) applications.

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