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Why the iPhone will remain on top

The emerging smartphone technology has really been ramping up. This 2010, the race to the top for world domination will be fiercier than ever. The competition is much like racing cars. I can also remember the time when Microsoft stepped up the competition on Palm with it’s PocketPC platform for the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) market back then.

First of all, I want to make it clear why I consider the iPhone on top. I have always believe that when people start comparing smartphones (or connected phones as I call it here), most of them compare apples with oranges. They forget that the iPhone has only been around for about 3 years while competition has been at it for a while. Also, the iPhone for all purposes is a single model/brand mobile phone while it’s competitors offer several models that are sometimes inappropriately consolidated into one for comparison purposes which I consider lame.

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Windows Mobile 6.5 exclusive walkthrough

The Inquirer has an exclusive walththrough of the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 being dubbed as the Windows Phone operating system. The operating system is running on the new HTC Touch Diamond2. The demo shows off some of the new features of the OS, the Market Place (online app store for mobile phones based on Windows Mobile), A demonstration of the “My Phone” service which allows users to archive their phone data, remotely wipe data on lost or stolen mobile phones based on Windows Phone OS and restore your data to a replacement mobile phone.

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Registration for Microsoft Mobile App Store gets started

If you’re a Windows Mobile developer and want to start selling your software, here’s some good news for you. Registration for developers that want to sell their software via the upcoming Windows Mobile marketplace has recently started.

Developers can submit their complete profile information and start the registration here. You can read more about it and keep yourself updated via the Windows Mobile Team blog.

Window Mobile 6.5 themes gets serious

I started something has posted an article of what looks like some awesome improvements to the themes for Windows Mobile with the upcoming version 6.5. The new designs are at least a magnitude better than what I’ve use on my HP mobile phone. I wonder if we’ll ever see a trend of mobile phone manufacturers providing long term support for operating system upgrades. Anyway, here’s a couple of shots of the new theme designs from the istartedsomething post.

Window Mobile 6.5 theme designs