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Higher spec Motorola Android shadows the Droid

It looks like that the Android-based Motorola Milestone aka Droid is not yet the best we’ve seen from Motorola. From tipped rumor published by BGR, there seems to be some clue from China that there is going to be yet another Android-based mobile phone from Motorola far better than the Droid. So far the specs are a bit sketchy.

It looks like that the rumored Motorola mobile phone will sport the same 850×484 screen resolution but this time the display will be 4.3 inches in size. The Motorola Droid is just 3.7inches. The other juicy specs include an HDMI port (wow!), 1080p video (another wow!), 8-megapixel camera (this seems to be standard these days). And get this — 9mm thick (or should I say THIN). The mobile phone is codenamed Mirage or Shadow thanks to a tip from China. This is really going to be a very exciting year for the Android open mobile platform!

Very cool Android User Interfaces coming soon


One great thing about open source is that creativity of people are unhindered. A lot of upcoming Android based mobile phones will be available in the market pretty soon. Some of these well connected phones will sport a user interface that has been enhanced to provide a better user experience. Of the several planned UI enhancements I’ve seen on the web so far, one of them is really sleek and stands out. Read more