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iSync Nokia N900 Maemo with Mac OS X Addressbook / Calendar

I’ve finally gotten a replacement Nokia N900 mobile phone from WomWorld / Nokia yesterday. The first thing I tried out on the N900 when I got it up and running yesterday was the web browser. I tried browsing the Connected Phone site to see if it will render properly on the N900 and it did. Before starting off several articles about the Nokia N900, I thought I’d post something about syncing the Mac OS X addressbook and calendar with the Maemo based Nokia N900.

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Nokia N900 connected phone – Unboxing

The loooong wait is over. Today, I received a trial unit of the Nokia N900 from WomWorld/Nokia. I am going to have the chance to use and try out the Maemo based Nokia N900 for 4 short weeks. After receiving the package, I quickly took the N900 out of the DHL packaging. I took some pics of it just to remind me that today I am actually going to have some hands-on with the N900.

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Nokia N900 now on Nokia USA web site

The Nokia USA web site has now made available the landing page for the Nokia N900 mobile phone based on the Maemo 5 operating system. The Nokia N900 which has been previewed extensively looks like a very promising connected phone from Nokia. With preorders already available in Europe. Nokia USA preorders should be imminent. From the looks of it, the N900 version that will be available is not actually a North American version but it should work on the T-Mobile network in the US. Read more

Upcoming Nokia N900 gets reviewed big time

I have been looking into getting a mobile phone that is at least 800 pixel in landscape mode. The upcoming Nokia N900 (codenamed RX91 internally by Nokia) is one of those connected phone. The Nokia N900 uses Maemo, a Linux based open mobile platform. Another smartphone that is also cool that has been revealed recently is the Android based Sony Ericsson Xperial X3. Both of these devices are Linux-based by the way. :-)


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Nokia N900: Something better than the N97?

Several years back, Nokia started a line of mobile tablets that runs Linux Maemo that sports keyboards and bigger screens. Today, I’ve just read from MobileCrunch that the successor to the N810 is already in the works. So what’s exciting about this?

Well Nokia is on its way into crossroads of blurring the line between its tablets and mobile phones because the N900 will not only have wifi but this time a GSM radio and HSPA. More about the specs later but what’s pretty cool is if the Nokia OVI store will gain huge acceptance the way the Apple Appstore has and everyone gets their favorite app on the N900 and all the other Nokia phones out there.

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