BlackBerry DEVCON Asia and Europe have venues / dates

RIM has announced the launch of the first ever BlackBerry® DEVCON Europe and the second BlackBerry® DEVCON Asia — and now they’re announcing the venues.  BlackBerry DEVCON Asia will be held in December in Bangkok, Thailand. And BlackBerry DEVCON Europe will be in Amsterdam on February 7 & 8, 2012.

The Call for Papers has been extended. The deadline is now Friday July 15th for BlackBerry DEVCON Asia and Friday September 16th for DevCon Europe.

RIM has acquired Scoreloop

Scoreloop might be new to your ears but they are actually on a lot of the popular games not only for Android mobile phones but for iPhones as well. Game developers like Magma Mobile uses their SDK. What is Scoreloop, you ask. They actually created a set of software that allows mobile game developers to incorporate features like leaderboards, push notifications and social interaction.

The Scoreloop team will be joining the BlackBerry development team. By the looks of things, BlackBerry may be going into a deeper level into mobile games by providing extra features to BlackBerry app developers.

Why the iPhone will remain on top

The emerging smartphone technology has really been ramping up. This 2010, the race to the top for world domination will be fiercier than ever. The competition is much like racing cars. I can also remember the time when Microsoft stepped up the competition on Palm with it’s PocketPC platform for the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) market back then.

First of all, I want to make it clear why I consider the iPhone on top. I have always believe that when people start comparing smartphones (or connected phones as I call it here), most of them compare apples with oranges. They forget that the iPhone has only been around for about 3 years while competition has been at it for a while. Also, the iPhone for all purposes is a single model/brand mobile phone while it’s competitors offer several models that are sometimes inappropriately consolidated into one for comparison purposes which I consider lame.

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BlackBerry Java Development Environment v5.0 Beta Now Available

blackberry-logoThe latest release of the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE) has been released and made available. It provides an end-to-end set of tools for easily developing robust wireless applications for the BlackBerry mobile platform.

The BlackBerry mobile platform is one of the major mobile platforms being used today to provide well connected mobile phones. Its owner RIM manufactures cell phones that cater to the business sector the world over.

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